You’re This Different, So Own It

One of my favorite scenes in the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman, in which Morpheus sits down in his room alone in The Dreaming after having killed his own son.

It’s one of the most powerful art I’ve come across. Of course, you’d need to read the whole series to know what it truly means. But here’s what it means to me anyway:

Sometimes being different can suck.

You grow up feeling different.

You look around and feel disturbed by things happening around you.

You wonder why people act a certain way while you act another.

You start to feel conflicted as you think that perhaps, you’re not normal or that you’re the one who had it wrong all along.

You feel alone as you have no one to turn to.

And this starts from young. I believe it does for everyone, whether they like to admit it or not. Imagine the conflict a kid must go through.

It took me a while myself, but I realized I am different from other guys after these few decades of living.

It took me a longer while, but I realized it’s okay to be this different and that I should embrace it.

I should own it to be who I am and to be happy.

Want to know how different I am?

  • I hate sports and I care not for cars.
  • I sweat the small stuffs, for what is small to others is big to me.
  • I fall in love easily, sometimes with people who don’t make sense at all.
  • I think art like the above is more meaningful than a good job.
  • I need to write about my being different.

And many more things, both big and small.

This is about owning it. This is about not judging yourself any longer.

This is about your life.

If you’re different, start embracing it so you can eventually fit in this world, your own way and actually start to make a difference in others’ lives.

Because that’s how it works.

And eventually, you wouldn’t feel that different anymore as you attract like-minded people.

Good luck and lots of love.


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