You’re Not A God Damn Life Hack

Listen the fuck up!

I don’t give a shit about many articles on life hacks you’ve read.

You are not a god damn life hack!

You know what the fuck you are?

You’re human.

And that means you exist.

That’s life. Accept it. Stop denying it. And stop telling others that they need to be happy 24/7 or that they can be happy with a simple trick or hack.

We’re all human and we’re all trying our best our own god damn way.

Like it or not, sometimes life will dish out unfair shit to you even though it’s not your fault.

No amount of life hacking can save you from that.

But… that’s okay.

It’s fine.

Because you’re not a god damn life hack but a fucking amazing human being capable of doing all sorts of cool shit on your own, even without the hacks.

You can travel the world on your own.

Sure, you can learn a few tips and tricks here and there to help you out.

But always remember, they’re not going to solve all your damn problems.

Because the real answer to your life is found through constant learning and experiencing life to put yourself in the middle

The grey area.

You’re not a god damn life hack.

So just live.

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