You Work Really Hard And You’re Still Not Rich Or Famous. So The Fuck What? (21 Cool Reasons)

Originally here on Steemit.

This is an account of my journey as a writer and blogger. It has been six years and I am still at it.

I am here to say that I get it.

I get it, you know?

It’s demoralizing, daunting and downright tiring to work so hard at something, something you love at that and not see results. I’ve certainly been on the low end of things before, many times in fact.

Those results are typically in the form of money or fame.

It sucks when you don’t have them and it fucking sucks even more when your peers or newbies all around suddenly come out of nowhere and seemingly succeed overnight.

Why then, do we continue?

Why do we bother pursuing our passion? Why do we not give up on our business venture or startup? Why do we still fight the good fight?

Here’s how I do it, say it, think it and feel it. It’s all an evolutionary process. I hope that it can encourage some of you.

1) I stay true to myself

I’ve experienced monetary success before with internet marketing. The money felt good as all I did was literally click the mouse, type some shit up and sent an email. Boom! Affiliate commissions came pouring in.

But I stopped eventually because I felt most of the products I was promoting (from Clickbank) were mediocre bordering on bullshit. I know for a fact they’re popular only to promoters, not to customers.

I decided that I’d rather stay true to myself by being a writer who writes about what I want, with my style. Some friends have told me that I am crazy for doing this, but it’s not something I wish to compromise.

Staying true to yourself is honestly quite a difficult task. Not many dare to. I do.

If you’re staying true to yourself by sacrificing certain rewards, take some motherfucking pride in that and make zero apologies for it. You’re on top of the line as you do not sell your heart, mind and soul. Many may not agree with you, but that’s fine. It’s not something you need to bother about.

2) I live within my means and stay happy within my means

Most of my friends are working a job to pay for a potential wedding, house, car and family in the future. That is perfectly fine although some of them think I am crazy that I am not planning for any of that.

I absolutely don’t give a fuck about any of that and that is the point. Do you see that it does not make any sense if I listen to them?

Most people feel like they’re inferior in society without even knowing what they want out of life. They just think that they should want certain things because everyone else want the same and when they don’t have those things, they feel like they’re losing out.

So if you feel like you aren’t making good money today, ask yourself if you actually have enough or a decent amount. If you do, trust me, you’re already rich, super rich in fact.

3) I am fit and got a nice body

I work out. Fitness is extremely important to me.

I don’t want to be fat and tired after walking up a few flights of stairs. I also don’t want to be that guy who has to take an Uber for a short, walkable distance.

If you lack money and fame but you’re fit, just know that you’re super awesome. You’ve achieved a lifestyle of proper dieting and working out most people can’t because they’re too busy working overtime.

And of course, looking fit means looking good and feeling good. It goes a long way.

4) I fall sick at most once a year only

Apart from that, I live 364 days of good health.

It boggles my mind to why people work so hard to the point that it deteriorates their health, and then they justify it with the reason that is work. Many have been the times I hear my friends say, “Oh I am down with fever again” like it’s a normal thing.

No! It shouldn’t be a normal thing! This is your health we’re talking about! Which brings me to my next point.

5) I have my health and no terminal illness

A few years ago I got diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. The symptoms absolutely wrecked my body and I became extremely weak and scrawny, as you can see in the left picture. It took me a bit after that to gain back the weight and muscle mass.

I thought I was going to die or that I had cancer or some shit. Thankfully, hyperthyroidism could be treated easily with some medication which I do not have to take anymore today.

I say this all the time and I’ll say it again: Health first, everything else can wait.

You don’t want to hit a point when you know you’ll die in the foreseeable future and it’s too late to do anything about it. So please, take care of your health first. You absolutely do not have to go through some near-death experience just to do this.

Even if you’re rich or famous, none of that can cure cancer.

6) I have with me a certain memory and feeling no one can understand

That memory is of my dad’s death. I literally saw his lifeless body on his bed on the day he passed on.

Words alone cannot fully describe what I felt that day. It’s something only I know and feel everyday.

That is my ‘why’ and no one else can fuck with me on it. No, not even when entrepreneurs tell me to stop being so stubborn and just promote some shit just to make some money to get by; not even when my friends tell me I should get a job.

As said, I go 100% all in.

Why? Because of my ‘why’! So what is your ‘why’?

Whatever it is, hold on tightly to it. Don’t let anyone judge you for it or take it away from you. They cannot fully understand.

7) I am not depressed

I am not trying to make light of depression for it is a serious mental issue for many out there.

I know that many rich and famous people are depressed. Stories are everywhere online or offline. I don’t see a point in working so hard and still feel a void in life to the point I need to hurt others (re: infidelity.)

So I am happy and that’s great.

8) I’ve let my passion become my identity

As most of you all know by now, I am a Bboy. This is a passion so important to me that it has impacted me in every aspect of my life on and off the dance floor.

I simply cannot imagine my life without it.

Bboying, hence passion makes me happy, but to me it’s a lot deeper. As I’ve written here before, moving and dancing to the music creates a feeling no one can take away from me.

I know deep down or perhaps have a tiny speckle of fear that even if I get married, become rich or famous or buy a cool new house, anything can happy and they can be taken away, just like how my dad was taken away.

If you let passion become you, it’s with you forever. You really don’t need money or fame to achieve that. Moreover, money and fame are fleeting. They can’t identify you forever. They will only attract shallow people who want something from you.

Let passion be your identity and let all of that be your light.

9) I listen to people who actually respect me and care for what I do

Naysayers will insult me.

Normal friends will discourage me under the reasoning that is being realistic.

The people who care for me always encourage me and are like-minded enough to see eye to eye.

I listen to them. I shut everyone else out.

Are you listening to the wrong people in life? The conversations around you can make a huge difference in your happiness and your endeavors. It can even forge your beliefs and outlook in life.

10) I don’t indulge in infidelity

I am using infidelity because it is sadly so common today.

I know of so many people who cheat on their wives or husbands because they aren’t happy.

They’re rich and have a family, but apparently that isn’t enough. I wish not to partake in this morbid standard of living.

What moral code do you adhere to? Is it something the people around you don’t understand? Good.

Stick to your own standards and be happy. Fuck everyone else. Don’t degrade yourself just for money or fame.

11) I am not in debt

Just because somebody has a business, tons of followers on Instagram or posting on social media how much money they’ve made doesn’t mean that they’re profiting.

Some of them are in debt!

If you’re not in debt at all, awesome! You’re way ahead of the curve.

12) I am doing something right by helping others

I get tons of emails and messages like these all the time.

I help people. I even save lives. They’re more important than money or fame. Period.

If you’re helping people, please know many are thankful for who you are. Do not stop doing this. The world needs you.

13) I am rich in experience and memories I will never trade for anything else in the world

Honestly, for the past couple of years, I simply spend on what money I’ve earned on travelling. With that, I’ve done a ton of cool shit. That’s me learning Muay Thai for the first time in Bangkok. I went alone.

And I wouldn’t trade any of that for the world.

I’ve so many good memories with friends, visiting new places, seeing new sights, hooking up with girls, partying and all that.

These are gold.

These are permanent.

These are lessons you can’t find elsewhere.

If you’re merely saving your money or fame, when are you going to spend it then? The people I know with a big salary from their jobs have no time to spend time because of the hours they put in. As a result, they end up usually buying some ridiculously expensive thing like a $20,000 watch or a fancy car. That is why I never admire someone with expensive shit all over him or her. To me, it just means they’ve no time for themselves to do what they really want.

Keep doing cool shit and having fun. It makes life worthwhile. On your deathbed, at least you know for certain that you did it your way.

14) I am getting there

Slowly, but surely. I am not stopping. Why should I?

You too. Don’t stop.

15) I haven’t given up

Do you know how people haven’t given up?

The fact that you haven’t shows how brave you are

16) I have within me a something more valuable than the world itself

Inside of you is treasure no amount of money or fame can by.

It is you. You are you. Your cool shit. Your experiences. Your memories. The people you have helped.

That’s why you continue. Never underestimate what you have within you. It’s worth an infinite amount of greatness.

In other words, you’re your own fucking universe.

17) I ignore my haters knowing that I am working towards something big

That’s why I continue. That’s why you should continue.

It may be tough as others give you shit for doing what you want or love, but it’s not like you’re aiming to please them anyway. It’s not like you’re trying to sell ice-cream.

For whatever grand vision, goal, aspiration or idea you have, work to bring it to life. Ignore the haters.

18) I am growing to become the person I am meant to be

Every journey, especially the hard ones are making you the person that you’re meant to become.

The struggles, turmoil and hardship are creating the best version of you. You may not see it yet, but it is happening as it is.

So at least, be thankful for the experience. You’re going to become super great. Have faith and keep on keeping on.

19) I choose to think my little experiences make me a better person and I am happier for it

I am not trying to be arrogant when I say that I feel I am a better person from the little choices I make.

I was telling my tale of arguing with a security guard to some friends. What stood out to me was how my friends were very quick to say, “Oh let him be. He probably hates his life since he’s only a security guard.”

I honestly didn’t think of that at all. I just didn’t like the guard’s attitude.

Sadly, we’ve divided ourselves into different strata in society through what job we have. That’s a known fact and people use it to look down on others based on the kind of work you do.

If that is so, then others have many reasons to look down on me. I work little odd jobs here and there, mostly to help my friends out at events. They consist of mostly grunt work and menial tasks.

But I enjoy them usually. They get me out of the house and I get to meet people. It makes me happy. I doubt I can get any of that if I am just in the office staring at the computer screen or negotiating with rich clients.

So don’t feel like you’re losing out for doing grunt work. You’re gathering a ton of cool, new experiences that make you a good person. If anything, it humbles you and teaches you humility. There’s nothing wrong with doing what it takes to get by.

20) I am not dead yet

Hyperthyroidism made me think I was going to die. During that period, there was once when the clinic rejected my card because I only had $33 in the bank.

I never felt so low.

But I picked myself up anyway.

There’s really no fancy life lesson here except this: No matter how bad it got, I didn’t die.

So straight up, unless you live in a war zone, are afflicted by terminal illness, got kidnapped by a serial killer or being stalked by an assassin because the mafia wants you dead, there’s extremely low chance you’re going to die anytime soon.

So chill, okay?

21) I know it will get better

It does.

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