You Know The Relationship Is Coming To An End When…

Alden Tan
2 min readMar 8, 2016

When you crack a joke with the intention of making her laugh, but she gets offended somehow and starts to get really, really, mad. And this happens a lot.

When you text her, and she takes a lot longer to reply. And it gets longer and longer.

When you realize she has changed, and it hits you like, “Wow. She is not the person I met on day one.”

When she joins you with your friends and you know deep, deep down that you’d have a lot more fun without her around.

When after a certain amount of time, you just want her out of the house!

When you start to look at other girls and wish you were single again, then you’d bury that thought really quick, but you know it’s in you.

When you start to wonder if life would be better single because you feel like you need to live life to the fullest and all that, but the real, silent reason is that you want to meet other girls.

When you start to feel like you need to check her phone and shit.

When you start to suspect she is cheating on you with other dudes and you a) deny it completely out of fear or b) completely don’t give a fuck.

When you or her forget about a private, insider joke you two shared once and are instead, “Oh. Err haha?”

When you start to bank on the idea of “Some things are better left unsaid” to justify your shit, like “only” texting another girl. And it snowballs.

When you start to jokingly talk to your other friends like, “Haha! Man! I wonder if the grass is greener on the other side!” But you know it ain’t a joke to you.

When you’re actually hoping for the next big fight to happen so you can supposedly use the momentum to end it.

When one of you disappears on the other completely.

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