Why passion isn’t just about quitting your job to follow your dream

I decided that for today, I’ll talk about passion.

Passion today is, in my humble opinion extremely misguided. There’s so much information and noise out there about it by different people. They’re saying, nay, shouting:

“Quit your job and follow your heart!”

“Do what you love and you weren’t have to work a day in your life!”

And then, we have tons of entrepreneurs who constantly talk about how their passion is to help people…

… and then they slap a ridiculously high price tag on their products or courses, totally disregarding the fact some people absolutely cannot afford them, like telling a single mom taking care of two kids to quit her job to pay them to teach her how to create a passion business.

They then make it worse by advocating so-called values of passion which misleads people into thinking that passion is all about becoming rich, doing what you love every second of your life and becoming the best at it.

Let me just say that all of that is crap.

No, you don’t have to cash in on your passion and become rich.

No, you don’t have to love every second of your life. Who does that?!

And no, you don’t have to the best at it.

You’re only human. You’re bound to make mistakes. You’re bound to feel tired and uninspired at times. You’re bound to have really bad days where life just totally sucks.

What is passion really then? Let me break this down for you then. Here’s my story:

As you all know, I am a Bboy. For the uninitiated, it’s the true term for a breakdancer.

That’s my first passion. My second passion is writing. But I am using dance today for this story.

I’ve been dancing for over 15 years now. I love it so much. I practice up to 12 hours a week and I highly doubt that I will ever stop. Until I turn too old to move, I will not stop. Money, job, kids, marriage, family or whatever will never get in the way.

And you know what?

I am not the best Bboy here. I don’t win competitions or anything. In fact, it was only when I hit 30 years old that I really pushed myself to join battles to improve myself.

It also doesn’t make me rich. I didn’t quit my job to dance full-time.

So… why am I doing it?

Here’s 5 perfect reasons why that will explain to you what passion really is all about:

1) It is a feeling no one can take away from you

When my dad died, it made me realize how fragile life was. It’s so unpredictable that anything, and I do mean anything can happen.

Truly, anything can come and go as and when they like.

But when I dance? I am creating new movements everyday as I experiment on the dance floor. I am listening to the music and using my body to flow with it.

It’s a feeling I know deep down no one in the world can ever take away from me.

That’s passion. It’s a feeling.

You know, I literally have friends telling me, “Why do you even dance? You’re not making money from it” or “You’re already 31 and still dancing?! Get serious and grow up!”

They’re trying to steal away that feeling because they just do not understand. The same goes for entrepreneurs who are constantly humblebragging about how much they love their work when it’s obvious that money is their only aim.

So you want passion? Find something that gives you feeling and guard it well.

2) It is something where you get to create

Express. Create. Experiment. Compose. Write. Sing.

Make. Art.

Passion is simply art. It doesn’t matter if your passion is something obscure like collecting stamps or playing video games.

With the aforementioned feeling, you will be creating at your pace and in your space.

That’s art and it’s mighty fine thing to have.

For me, I create new movements with my body. Yes, I don’t just drill technical moves like spinning on my head. I am exploring and experimenting all the time on the dance floor.

3) It is your identity

To give a little crash course on what is a Bboy (in my opinion), a Bboy is someone who learns the basics and vocabulary of the dance itself and then create their own movements; sets; routines.

No two Bboys, in their minds would look alike. In fact, it is frowned upon to steal someone’s else moves. That’s call biting.

I personally aim for that. I prefer to create movements that are original rather than learn trendy moves others are doing.

I want others to say, “That’s Bboy Alden!” and not “Wow Alden can do that popular move!”

That’s identity. Whatever passion you have, make it your identity.

Let others bump into you on the streets and they immediately ask, “Hey! You’re still doing that [passion] right?”And then they tell others about it.

Get it? Be known for it. Have that label on you.

4) It’s something you want to keep getting better at simply because you love it

I believe passion is something that’d push you to always want to become better; to keep extending your personal mastery.

Why? Because you love it. Because you experienced that single feeling no one else can take away from you. Because you’re known for it.

Put them together and they trump the will to want to become the best. I mean, if you do want to get first place, by all means, go ahead. Keep practicing, but don’t forget why you’re doing it in the first place.

5) It’s a lifestyle

I eat, live and breathe Bboying. I always gladly share what it’s like to be a Bboy to anyone I meet. Admittedly, I also show off my videos with pride to girls I meet hehe.

I let the dance seep into my everyday life. I use it to educate. I use it to teach new dancers. I have used it to meet other dancers from different countries and cultures. I’ve made so many friends that way!

I use it because it has made me who I am today. I am the confident and happy person I am today because of the challenges I faced as a Bboy. Going deeper, it’s Bboying that has given my life meaning ever since my dad died.

I know no one can take it away from me.

It’s my life after all.

That’s passion for you. These are the five main important elements.

So do you want passion? Do you feel like you’re lacking something meaningful? Do you feel caught in the machine that is society telling you what to do constantly? Are the things you’ve chased in your life being taken away?

Get passion then.

How? Here’s the easiest guide in the world:

. Be interested in many things. I am sure you are interested in many things.

. Go and try all of them out.

. One day, your heart and mind will click. You won’t be able to stop thinking about it. You want to do it more. That single feeling comes. You start to love it. You want to be better. You keep doing it. It becomes your identity as others know you for that.

You. Just. Won’t. Stop.

So give yourself a chance at the start and be a little patient.

. Ignore what others say. Others are going to tell you that you’re too old or too young to try cool things out. Others are going to say that it’s a waste of time. Others are going to say it’s stupid. Others are going to say that it’s not worth it since it won’t make you rich.

Blah blah blah.

Let them say it. It’s their problem. They’re driven by other things and people generally have a lot of negative things to say about things they don’t understand or fear.

. Have some god damn fun already. You’re allowed to. Life ain’t just all about struggling okay?

That’s it! I hope this email helps today. I hope it enlightens you.

I really do hope that you get passion in your life and create a new lifestyle for yourself.

And as I mentioned before, it took my dad’s death to make me brave enough to do what I love.

You do not have to go through what I did to realize the same thing.

This is Bboy Alden signing out.


If you enjoyed this piece on passion and want more, do support me on Patreon right here. It’s how I support myself these days and if you pledge to me, I’d be extremely thankful and motivated to write more.




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