Why Can’t We Acknowledge That There’s All Kinds Of Suffering?

Originally from the blog:

Pain is unique. That means, pain is real, very real to the individual.

An extremely rich person who has all the money in the world may be suffering from severe depression, so much so he or she finally realizes that money cannot buy happiness.

An angry person may rage over the most minor of things. The anger is real despite others thinking that those minor things don’t warrant a shitty life.

A highly empathetic person may have his day ruined by things that has nothing to do with him at all, such as the bad shit he reads in the news in the morning.

A famous person is not happy as his real self is shunned and ignored.

A person who has trouble letting go of anything may be stuck in the past as he ruminates and ruminates and ruminates and ruminates over the same thing over and over.

A person may have food on the table, a shelter from the elements and some money, but he may not be happy for whatever reason.

A person may be surrounded by loving family and friends, but he may feel they do not meet his emotional needs, hence, it isn’t enough.

A person may be highly intelligent, but that could actually be his curse.

An old person may have led a fruitful life and his legacy lives on in his grand kids, but he’s not happy because time is running out.

Hence, your diatribe of cliches will never work on them.

You’re just going to have to try to understand what you think is ridiculous, crazy or impossible.


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