When Not Caring About What Others Think Goes Wrong

Not caring about what others think is a delicate subject.

No, it’s not about just going for it so you can be awesome and start doing shit you love like a heroic figure who cares not for the world around him.

Not caring about what others think today can go wrong, oh so very wrong:

  • You’re always creating drama on social media like a bitch and you don’t know that your audience is just laughing at you.
  • You’re the guest of a house and you’re rude as shit as you disrespect the host.
  • You show no respect for authority or the laws of your country and end up in trouble.
  • You show no respect for your elders, thinking that age doesn’t matter.
  • You get drunk and act like an annoying asshole, but think it’s okay because you’re drunk.
  • You’re constantly complaining simply because you can.
  • You do extreme shit like quitting your job and losing your source of income, all the while disregarding the fact that others are dependant on you.
  • You’re insecure as fuck, but unwilling to admit it, thus antagonizing the entire frigging world.

Not caring about what others think can go wrong, very wrong.

It’s not a glorious thing if you think hurting others is okay.

You’re not elevated in society that way if others are laughing at you.

You’re not inspiring anyone at all if you’re just being irresponsible.

Practice self-preservation today.

For you truly need to both care and not care about what others think.

Because seeing what you’re coming across as to others is equally important for your well-being.

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