When it comes to smartphones and social media, most like to complain about how it’s making us disconnected.

That’s when the whiny people start to stealthily take pictures of people glued to their phones in the train or at a table during dinner, supposedly addicted to the point of not wanting any kind of human interaction.

That’s when the hippies talk about how the corporate world is controlling us with their products and turning us in mindless sheep. Ironic, because said hippies get their messages out with modern technology.

I think this is a non-issue.

It does kind of suck when people are talking less, or reading books less, but that doesn’t mean it’s a huge problem.

People want to fucking be less bored on the train. Let them. Sometimes, the dinner sucks and people around are boring. Use your phone then.

The bigger problem comes when smartphones stop being smart; when smartphones become stupidphones.

Of late, I’ve encountered a new phenomenon where some people simply stop giving a fuck about for their phones entirely.

This is when they don’t reply altogether or always come up with some excuse to not do so.

Apparently, it’s a common behavior that’s accepted, which I think is more sad as compared to people who are glued to their phones.

When I tried to wrap my head around it, I am told that “some people are just like that” or that I am an impatient person, who is addicted to my smartphone.

I think it’s bullshit of course. In fact, I think it’s highly manipulative to declare that you’re the type who doesn’t check on their smartphone as it effectively means you ignore what the other party is going through. You’re only saying, “It’s all about me.” And it’s ironic, because most come running back anyway when they need something.

Nobody is that busy. If someone really means something to you, you’d put in the effort and time.

Note that I am talking in the context of us living perfectly normal and happy lives.

There is no emergency or tragedy involved.

When my dad died, I was simply informed about it in person by my brother. When I received the news, the shock and pain was so overwhelming that I felt a desperate a need to call somebody. And I called my best friend who wasn’t in the same country. He picked up, though if he didn’t, I’d have understood since he was sleeping.

One of my closest friends received news of his brother’s death through a phone call from his dad. I am glad he was around.

Smartphones are meant to be smart and make you smarter. Perhaps you’re addicted to it, but at least you’re still around.

Otherwise, it only shows who you truly are as a person.