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When I Wondered, “Who The Fuck Taught You To Grow Up To Be An Idiot?”

Originally here on Quora:

We were in my car once. I was driving.

On exiting a car park, I didn’t see a car exiting its own lot. The driver probably didn’t see me either.

I had to slam on my brakes. That car did the same.

It was cool. No harm, no foul.

Then out of nowhere, my girl showed the driver the middle finger.

I was shocked.

Not surprisingly, the driver (or his passenger, I can’t remember) flipped the bird back.

My girl got mad.

She jolted into action. She proceeded to wind the window down. She hit the door hard. I could hear her seethe with rage.

I snapped at her, “Stop it!”

She stopped.

She was mad at me then for the rest of the night.

Her reason to me was, “You did not allow me to express my anger.”

And that was when I wondered to myself, “Who the hell taught you to grow up to be an idiot?”

I wonder about that with regard to many people to this day.

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