What you is true. Learning both the art and business side of writing is a must.

I gotta say though, I’ve been on both sides of the fence, and eventually, I went back to art.

I used to make alright money from affiliate marketing and all as I built my list.

But it’s honestly just me: Internet marketing killed my soul.

Okay, it’s 99% me. The 1% were the wrong people I learnt from. They were nothing but circle-jerking assholes in the “how to make money online” niche.

Truly, I blame them. While they were screaming at me “Alden! You should have no excuses! Do the work!”, I screamed back, “You’re an asshole. You’re a scammer. What you do borders on cheating. No excuses.”

But I am digressing.

I personally come to learn that one has to feel what they do every step of the way. For me, it is to love what I write about. It’s something I have to care for.

I literally restarted my blog, my Medium account and also other social networks. I am applying the marketing, but my way now.