What Is Your Passion? It Depends On The Day

I just finished reading a book, Truth In Advertising by John Kenney. It’s about guy in his late thirties and he’s basically lost as shit because of overwhelming demands of his job in an advertising agency, unresolved issues with his family and his recent cancellation of his wedding.

In one part, he was talking to a guy about passion.

When asked what his passion is, the guy replied that it depends on the day.

And I think that’s brilliant because it shows how versatile we can be.

We don’t have to stick to one, even if it’s passion.

Maybe you love reading.

Tonight, you love writing and dancing.

Tomorrow, you love helping others.

Next week, you love traveling.

Way too many people in life think that certain big ideas need to be fixed when really, it doesn’t have to be. What more, things get aggravated when others force feed you that things must work a certain way all the time. These people are usually scammers, salespeople or just pretentious people who are downright annoying.

Ignore them.

You can live your days with different ideas, everyday.


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