What do you think of my movie idea: “Inspire” A story about a teacher accused of kidnapping and raping two of his students

As an aspiring screenwriter, I decided that I’ll put up my movie ideas along with its loglines, synopsis and the progress of its script.

It’s a huge goal of mine to really get one produced and make it to the big screen.

Any kind person in the industry who would love to take a look and take it seriously, I’d be honored.

Anyone thinking of stealing my ideas, shame on you.

Let’s go! Let’s kick start this series!

Movie Title: Inspire

Logline: A depressed and mentally unstable teacher targets two high school girls and makes plans to kidnap them for his twisted desires.


Sal, a high school teacher of Westmont High is depressed and seemingly mentally-unstable. The other teachers dislike him. He is however, a very intelligent teacher who actually cares for his students, so much so he gives personal tuition to underprivileged students.

At home, Sal leads a very isolated life. He spends most of his time chatting with a female student named Natalie Watts. He uses a fake Facebook account and poses as a boy by the name of Michael and chats with her everyday. They get close online, but Natalie never spots him in school, much to her amusement.

Sal learns about how Natalie is constantly bullied by another student by the name of Yolanda Jacob. This upsets him greatly. He tries to do something about it by bringing it up to the principal, but nothing is done. Sal even threatens Yolanda’s father. Natalie puts two and two together and believes that Michael tattled for her to Yolanda’s father. This makes her extremely upset. She scolds Michael and blocks him on Facebook. The bullying continues. One day, in school, Sal witnesses the bullying. He snaps and physically attacks Yolanda. As a result, he gets fired.

Overwhelmed by the loss of his job and his connection to Natalie, Sal kidnaps both Natalie and Yolanda and brings them to an unknown location. There, Sal does not harm the girls. It is then revealed that Sal had a daughter from long ago, who resembled Natalie. He was very strict on her as a father. However, unbeknownst to him, his daughter was also heavily bullied in school. She eventually kills herself due to the pressure and torment. Unable to get over the loss of his child, Sal tries to bond with Natalie as a way of trying to relive his life as a father and also a way to redeem himself. His act of kidnapping Yolanda is his idea of revenge too.

Significance behind the title: It’s just my satirical take on the idea that teachers in movies are inspiring figures. This is a not an inspirational story.

Script progress: I’m almost done with the script. I am at the final act as it is. I’ve written it such that we explore Sal’s character and how he lives as a creepy sociopath as we lead up to the twist. A lot of the dialogue is him as Michael, my take on the issue of online grooming (Google it.)

Other movie inspirations: 1-Hour Photo, The Machinist, Nightcrawler, The Wrestler.

If you haven’t seen any of these movies we really shouldn’t be friends! Lol.

That’s it!

Please let me know in the comments what you think!






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Alden Tan

Alden Tan


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