Unpopular Opinion: Shaming Paedophiles Isn’t Very Ethical

I stumbled upon this gif on Imgur:

Businessman, 55, who told a ‘15-year-old schoolgirl’ he wanted to be ‘her first’ BEGS paedophile hunters not to ‘destroy his life’ as they snare him after months of grooming

And there’re many more videos of paedophile hunts you can easily find on YouTube, all of which are created by vigilantes who have taken it upon themselves to carry out justice:

This is a good thing right? These perverts need to be caught and put away in jail. We need to save all kids.

This is a good thing right? These perverts need to be caught and put away in jail. We need to save all kids.


Well… Of course keeping our kids save is of the utmost importance.

But shaming paedophiles and conducting our own witch hunts? Not really a good thing.

Paedophiles and child molesters are two entirely different categories

Paedophiles are psychologically wired such that they’re attracted to children.

But they’re good people who know it’s wrong to do anything related to carrying out sexual relations with a child.

They hence don’t do anything. They do everything it takes to control their urges.

Child molesters are the ones who have crossed the line and hurt a child.

Paedophiles have nowhere to seek help and rehabilitation

Simply because the minute they expose who they truly are, society and the authorities will condemn them.

Thus, we have these videos of vigilantes carrying out the witch hunts themselves.

Vigilantism is rarely a good thing

More often than not, vigilantes are emotional and carry out justice for the sake of revenge or hurting supposedly bad people only, not because they want the greater good to prevail.

Maybe nothing would have happened at all if no one was out there baiting

If the vigilantes didn’t create the bait, then maybe nothing would have happened at all and no one would have been the wiser.

Why? Because as said, there’re paedophiles who don’t act out their urges.

The vigilantes did everything they could to lure them out.

Ask yourself then, how much bad is there in many people out there in the world today, but none of it manifested? It could be your close friend or a family member. Are they good or bad people then?

Think I am the only one with an unpopular opinion? Check out some of the comments of the post:

Paedophiles bring the views, especially in today’s age of the internet. If they want to make the world a better place for children, why not hunt rapists? Murderers? Druggies?

Re: Wired that way. They can’t help it. But again, not all act on it.

Intricacies of the legal system which I don’t understand fully myself, but it accentuates the idea that vigilantism, one which is recorded or streamed live isn’t a good thing.

Different nations, different laws. Who is truly good or bad and where?

Bait them into getting help instead. Some food for thought.

Convicted by accusations only. It’s unfortunate that many of us think that way; use the internet for that purpose.

And lastly, this. I love this quote.

Sometimes the system doesn’t work. Sometimes the authorities fail us. Sometimes nothing can be done.

But that’s the reason why a system needs to be worked upon instead of allowing others to take things in their own hands.

What do you all think?


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