Toxicity is but a subtle thief

It’s really easy to say today that you should avoid toxic people.

Eliminate them from your life. Dump them. End manipulative friendships. Get out of abusive relationships.

But what if it’s not that easy?

How do you know for certain who is talking shit behind your back?

How do you know if they’re lying to you?

How do you know if they’re faking it just so they can make use of you?

Are you even ready to get rid of them?

What if you’re too scared?

What if you’re confused?

What if there are sacrifices you need to make?

Toxicity is but a subtle thief.

It comes in silently. It sneaks around to to learn more about you first. It lies to you. Then it steals from you.

It may take a while to realize how deep you’re in it. It may take a huge episode to realize your friends or family have changed and no longer are good for you. It may take a ton of maturity and growing up before you dare to admit that you have been wrong all along.

Whatever the case, people change all the time. People come and go.

And it can be an okay thing. Just let go.

People are still everywhere.