This Is A Post On Honest Bragging

I may not have ever made six-figures as a blogger.

I didn’t have a ton of subscribers.

I never was invited to speak at big events.

My articles don’t go viral automatically like clockwork either.

But you wanna know some of my greatest achievements as a writer and blogger over the past six years?

Check this shit out:

I fucking saved lives bitch!

I gave people a reason to carry on!

My emails were fucking magic!

And I look like Brad fucking Pitt!

This is a post of honest bragging.

This is something I encourage you to do for yourself once in a while. I want you to honest-brag.


Because if you are like the old me, you push down your greatness and your achievements for fear of appearing arrogant and antagonizing those around you.

You push it down because it’s not considered mainstream success others can recognize.

You end up not saying shit and then secretly hope that others will validate your greatness for you.


I know you do. Don’t deny it. You end up being quiet and nobody gives a shit about you because, why would they?

You know what else?

When there is no honest bragging, there is humblebragging, and that’s just annoying as fuck.

This is when people:

  • Cook up a bullshit rag-to-riches story you can’t really verify to be real.
  • Show off numbers and figures only.
  • Don’t seem to have done anything else in life except apparently, make money.
  • Actually pay money to advertise their so-called success.
  • End off by giving you a fucking sales pitch!

Yes, I don’t like humble-braggers. I think they’re all scammy ass fucks who are out to cheat people of their money.

But I wouldn’t mind an honest-bragger, someone who has worked hard in life and feel that they’re allowed to share it without a tinge of arrogance.

Yes, you can actually brag without being arrogant. It’s called social etiquette and not being an obnoxious dickhead.

This has been a post on honest bragging.

I am proud of what I’ve achieved. I have the right to.

I’ve helped people, inspired them and helped them change for the better. These are facts.

And these are things you can’t quantify. That is the point.

It’s just how I feel and I hope to get people to feel something too.

Maybe it’s time you try to do the same for yourself and for those around you.

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