“NO EXCUSES!” yelled hustler.

“Work hard. Don’t complain. Stop whining. Stop sleeping. Be different from others. Sacrifice non-stop. Say ‘no’ to everything. Don’t party. Don’t drink. Work even when you’re sick. Don’t feel demoralized even when you’re broke. Don’t blame others even though it’s clearly not your fault.”

And so on.

I personally think the “no excuses” movement is a double-edged sword, one of which is tipped with poison.

Successful like to spit this mantra like as if it God himself decreed it.


Sometimes, there are excuses.

They’re called reasons.

Like for example, if you’re falling ill, you should see a doctor and stop doing work.

Oh of course you should push yourself from time to time so you can level up and really achieve something never thought possible.

But… there is still a limit.

If anything, YOU get to decide those limits.

Never let others do it for you.

If you do a simple Google search on the startup tech culture, you’d see the adverse effects of this “no excuses” attitude.

That is how entrepreneurs end up getting depressed due to the pressure.

That is how people think that they’re not good enough.

That is how successful people become really annoying.

Decide your own limits.

In this case, you have and do not have excuses for that.

And that’s okay.

Better that than living lie a or worse, falling sick and die.

Live a balance life and stop no-excusing to the point you’re frustrated and unhappy! Get my free book here: 12 Things Happy People Don’t Give a Fuck About!




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Alden Tan

Alden Tan

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