There Are Entrepreneurs, And Then There Are How-To Guys

Some people market a business, event, book or whatever. And then some people market about how to market.

Some businesses sell things, and then there’re businesses which merely teach how to make a business.

Some people make money, and then there’re people who make money by teaching others how to make money.

Some people write stories, and then there’re self-proclaimed writers who only ever write about writing.

Some people coach, and then some coaches coach about how to coach.

Some people are mentors, and then some mentors mentor about how to be a mentor.

Some people sell things, and then some people sell about selling.

Some businesses are real businesses, and then some businesses are merely funnels.

There are entrepreneurs, and then there are how-to guys.

Only one of these groups create real art.

Only one of them dares to be different.

Only one of them has learnt from experience and not merely from reading how-to articles.

Only one of them is not fake.

Take a guess.

You don’t need me to tell you how to do it.

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