The Undying Value Of Doing Shit You Hate

For the past week, I’ve been serving my yearly stint in the army.

All male Singaporean dudes have to serve a mandatory enlistment when they’re young. After they’re done, they’re called back for a bit almost yearly.

Like most dudes, I don’t like it.

The work I do is extremely mundane. We have to wait for pretty much everything. We’ve to follow the commands of anyone who has a higher rank.

And my rank is low as shit. I am merely a corporal. To take commands from some random nobody can be pretty disheartening.

Needless to say, the military life isn’t for me.

Yet, I value this time in the army despite feeling the dread for it.


Because ultimately, I believe that there’s value in doing shit you hate.

Like it or not (well, mostly not), when you enter an episode in life where you’re doing something you don’t want to at all, it makes for a ton of character growth.

And it’s a good, lucky kind of growth if it isn’t that traumatic or extreme. Hell, I get to talk about it on my blog. How bad can it be?

I think that in today’s day and age, most people somehow attached themselves to a sense of self-entitlement, thinking that they have the right to argue their way through anything because they read that they can do so on the internet.

That’s not power whereby you think you got it just because you attained some knowledge.

That’s just being a little bitch.

As much as you can, take it in your stride.

See the good in it.

Man up, deal with it and then move on because nobody wants to hear you complain.

When you realize the value in struggle, and doing shit you hate, you’ll gain a major head start in life.

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