The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty: Movie To Make You Do Something With Your Life

I watched this movie three times already. I am a fan of Ben Stiller and he both starred and directed this film.

Whether you like him or not, I strongly encourage you to watch it.


Because it’s a movie that’d inspire you to do shit.

Yes, the movie has all your typical Eat Pray Love elements:

  • The protagonist, Walter Mitty is a daydreamer working a typical corporate job. You can tell he yearns to do more in life.

And so on.

Cliched? Perhaps.

But still awesome.

The movie direction. The cinematography. The special effects. The acting. The script. The characters working together to create a new whole. The humor. The music.

It’s all good shit. Here’s a memorable quote from it:

And here’s the trailer:


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