The Sad Truth: Many Relationships Today Are One-Way Streets

What’s a one-way street in a relationship?

You’re the one texting first all the time.

You’re the one checking in.

You’re the one asking to meet up to catch up.

You’re the one making time to accommodate to their busy schedule.

You’re the one dealing with the fact that you may not get a reply at all.

And when you do get a reply, or a text, it’s usually because they need or want something from you. Even if they don’t want anything from you, the reply is a dismissive single, emoji or animated GIF.

That’s basically the gist of a one-street of a relationship: You’re the one putting in all the work.

The sad truth?

Most relationships today work like that.

Another sad truth?

You can’t get mad at this. You can’t get angry at your friends. You can be sad, but your tears should be hidden. You can’t fault them. You shouldn’t impose.

To get upset over a one-way street comes across as insecure and well, downright annoying. To expect your friends to abide by your standards is plain selfish too. To get angry over this would effectively mean getting angry everyday for the rest of your life.

In a perfect world, all our relationships will be going both directions, and it wouldn’t be congested with so much traffic.

If you can’t get mad at them, what do you do then?

You’re just going to have dig deep and find out for yourself if those relationships actually mean something; if they really care about you.

If you think they don’t, it’s time to dump them altogether and move on. If your relationship is a romantic one, it’s really time to break it off.

If you think that they do, don’t be mad. But just chill, and relax. Focus on your own shit. They will come back to you.

You’re the driver. Your hands are behind the wheel. Take charge.

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