The Right To Be Single

Alden Tan
1 min readMay 11, 2018

The right to be single is being who you are, behaving the way you want and saying whatever you want despite it not being attractive to a potential partner.

The right to be single is exposing yourself to other potential partners and talking to them even though it makes you look like a playful person who’s judged for not being faithful.

The right to be single is leading your life your own way outside of what society expects of you, because society today usually tries to direct you in the opposite direction.

The right to be single is to play the game, a game which others are too scared to play.

The right to be single is having fun while others dilute the meaning of ‘fun.’

Relationships are another set of rights altogether, in which they can be recited to the rest of the world, albeit some by a lawyer.

Whichever shoes you’re wearing, exercise your rights fully.

What others think should never become your rights.