The Passion That Is Helping Others Is A Fucked Up One

Originally here on Steemit:

It’s really common in the circle of entrepreneurs, hustlers, life coaches, gurus or whatever the fuck they like to call themselves today.

Ask them what their passion is and they say, “My passion is helping people.”

To achieve their dreams.

To create a business.

To make money.

To hit their goals.

To find themselves.


The passion that is helping others is one that is weird as hell.

I am not even sorry for saying that.

It is extremely rare that people would want to help others and expect nothing in return.

What more, if it’s in the context of business, literally nobody does it for nothing.

Saying your passion is helping others today is nothing but a contrived idea used to manipulate people so they can be cleaned of their money.

Sounds harsh?

Then put it this way:

People who truly want to help anyone would help, and then be on their way. They wouldn’t let the entire world know about it.

People who are truly passionate about something would be too busy working on it, indulging in it and because they love it so much, won’t charge others for it just to share.

Think about it.

Be very wary of people who are all too eager to help you then.

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