The Paradox Of Not Giving A Shit Anymore

Over the past five years or so, I sort of snapped one day and just stopped giving a fuck. I stopped giving a shit about many things, including obeying my mom. It sounds harsh, but it was essential. Yet, there were side effects. Read on.

I was unhappy when kept giving a shit about way too many things in life, especially about caring what others thought of me.

Then I stopped giving a shit. I stopped giving a fuck completely.

I liberated myself. I released my insides.

I stopped being nice to people I don’t want to be nice to.

I stopped caring so much about what others thought or said.

I stopped obeying.

I stopped trying to please others for no real reason.

I did what I wanted and stopped being a coward who was always giving a shit about stupid shit.

It felt good. Not giving a shit felt awesome. It was a real pleasure to actually be selfish.

You can be as awesome as Tim!

Or this lion!

Truly, you can do whatever it is you want.

But yet, not giving a shit can make you listless. It can make you passionless. It can make you slack and less curious in life. I remember laying in bed all day not wanting to get up.

That’s why you need to strive for balance.

You need the right amount and right type of ‘care.’

Care for yourself, but care for others that are worth caring for. Eliminate the toxic people in your life and throw them away.

Always stay passionate, but don’t slack. There’s a difference between being slack and lacking passion altogether.

And always remember to have love. Love is the ultimate emotion, be it self-love or love for others.

Sooner or later, some fucks need to be given. And it’s entirely up to you.

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