The New Yes Man Today: The “Oh They’re Like That” Guy

We all heard of the Yes Man, or perhaps, the Yes Person.

The one who just says yes to everything.

The one who agrees to everything without question.

The one who just follows along like a dog, or sheep.

The Yes Man lacks a real opinion and doesn’t ever stand up for himself.

But you know what’s the new Yes Man today?

It’s the “Oh they’re just like that” guy.

Who are they?

They’re the ones who tell you, “Oh they’re just like that” when:

  • Some irresponsible prick shows up late.
  • You’re being bullied in school, and they tell this to you instead of truly helping.
  • Some spoiled, self-entitled cunt is acting like the world revolves around them even though they’re clearly in the wrong.
  • A friend flies into a rage and gets into a fight in public for the dumbest reason, totally overlooking the fact that someone could potentially get hurt or even die.
  • Someone is lying through their teeth and can’t be trusted, but they put up with it anyway.
  • Somebody owes you a ton of money, but does fuck-all in realizing that money can truly anchor a friendship.
  • A relationship is clearly so toxic that it’s just not healthy anymore, but they expect you to tolerate it anyway.

The “Oh they’re just like that” guy doesn’t give a shit about how you feel or or about the temerity of the situation at hand.

To add insult to injury, they’d even dare extend it further and call you oversensitive, petty, a worrier, a weirdo or even accuse you of being the problem.

Fuck that.

I find that this is the problem among friendships today, especially when people get too used to the unhealthy dynamics of a group.

The quiet ones wouldn’t dare say a thing.

The loud ones are being toxic as shit.

The ones who have nothing better to say say “Oh they’re just like that.”

And sadly, the toxicity continues to exist.

You’re an adult and so whether you like it or not, your character, mental health and happiness is defined by the people you surround yourself with.

Eliminating the toxic ones is the obvious thing to do.

But eliminating the ones who ultimately does fuck-all to clam down on that toxicity is also essential.

A real friend would listen to you and not brush you off with a convenient, bullshit line.

A real friend will respect what you feel.

A real friend will defend you and stand up for you.

A real friend will give a real opinion.

Find these friends. You’re going to be a lot happier when you realize the definition of friends encompasses giving a shit about you as they live out their own personalities, not some weak ass label.

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