The Most Real Self-Help Article Ever: This will Absolutely Not Help You At All

This is the most real self-help article ever.


Because it will absolutely not help you at all.

By the end of this article, this article will not help you at all.

You’ll not be cured of whatever that ails you.

You’ll not be healed entirely of whatever that has been eating at your soul.

You may not even feel better at all.

That’s how I think the entire self-help section should preface itself today: This will absolutely not help you at all.

For far too long self-help articles, videos, podcasts, talks or whatever promise the world, but deliver close to nothing.

We have testimonials that are merely constructed, designed and forced to speak highly of something, but it only serves the salesperson behind it.

We have headlines that scream one-stop solutions that make people think that that’s all there is.

We have people who claim that it’s easy, when really, it’s not.

Maybe it’s time to get real then.

A self-help anything will absolutely not help you at all.

It can however, inspire you a little.

It can point you in the right direction.

It can give you some ideas.

It can give you a tiny piece of hope.

It can make you feel less alone.

The rest is up to you.

The rest is up to time.

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