The Man Himself: Diary Of A Hero

This is a little short story about a super hero I created. I use Venom as the picture because he’s my favorite anti-hero.

So yeah! I think comic book heroes are not dark enough.

So here’s my version.

January 17th 2013. 8:03 PM

I’ve no idea how it all started. But I’m happy and excited as fuck! I’ve actual powers! That’s so fucking amazing! Oops, I cussed right there haha.

All I remember is me walking home the other night and I saw that big flash of light in the sky. Btw, I had to stay back after school again. I can’t believe that of all people, that Jack Jones had to be in my project group. As if the teasing wasn’t bad enough, calling me “F*gg*t” and all. He’s just a Neanderthal whose parents accidentally dropped on the head when he was a baby heh. Anyway, the flash was pretty huge. After that, I found myself lying on the ground. I was apparently woken up by a homeless guy. He literally kicked me and told me to get out of the way. Well, I gladly got out of the way because he smelled like garbage.

Anyway I’m rambling.

Since that day, things got really weird with me. I felt different, but it was different good. I strangely had more energy throughout the day. I was breathing better. My allergies didn’t act up (8 days so far! A new record! Yayness!). I could do some chin-ups at the school gym (without any one there of course.) I NEVER could do chin ups in my life! And I don’t even need my glasses anymore! I’m seeing fine!

And get this. I swear that I saw a six-pack forming this morning while looking at the mirror.

Things sure are looking up…

Ok gtg now. Mom’s calling. Will talk more soon in this Hero’s Journey! See ya soon Diary!

January 18th 2013. 6:45 PM

Jack was giving me a hard time at school again today. He actually asked why I was so happy and smiling to myself, “Wipe that grin off your face you little frog (his vocabulary leaves a lot to be desired.) There’s nothing good in life to smile about!”. He actually added that last part before he pushed me against the locker.

But he was right you know? I was smiling to myself haha. I was just thinking about my new found powers.

Right after the school bell rang, I dashed right out and took the longer route home. I wanted to test my powers, my capabilities again. I’ve been messing around with them since F-Day (Flash Day. Haha get it?).

Okay, so apparently I can:

Run really fast. My stamina is insanely good too. Ran a couple of times around the abandoned warehouse and didn’t feel tired at all.

I can jump really high. It’s easy for me to bounce around walls and get to greater heights. I’m kind of like Spiderman, but without the webbing.

I’ve an increased amount of strength, and boy do I mean INCREASED. I actually created a hole in the brick wall when I punched it. I could also lift cars and stuff. Crazy!

I tried to see if I could create incendiary projectiles. You know, shoot fireballs. Or maybe shoot a bolt of lightning or two. No dice yet. But I swear I feel this great, weird, energy surging inside of me. I read up on the old Chinese masters of long ago who can utilize their “chi” to create such projectiles. I… feel it inside of me. I really do. Maybe it’ll emerge someday hopefully.

Then I got home. That’s all for today dearest Diary! Talk to ya soon!

January 20th 2013. 9:40 PM

I was just looking through my collection of comics again. I so love them, my heroes. Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Wolverine. If only they were real.

But hey, sure feels good to know that I belong somewhere. For once.

Update on body and powers: I feel a lot stronger, which is crazy because it’s not as if I’m eating better or exercising more. The times I tested myself at the warehouse saw that I could do even crazier stunts. Sparks are also starting to fly out my hands. Perhaps my “chi” is coming out? It’d be awesome to know I can shoot stuff out of my hands. That’s real magic. That’s real power!

See ya soon Diary!

January 27th 2013. 10:01 PM

Hey Diary! I’ve got exciting news! Okay. I’ve put a lot of thought into this, but I’ve decided that it’s time to get out there and start doing Super Hero things. I mean… I’ve powers right? I guess it’s time to follow what my heroes are doing and start doing good deeds and protect the innocent.

I feel ready too. I’m currently able to jump from building to building easily. And I could always run away from suspicious onlookers in a flash!

Yes I’m ready. I’m ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, ready!

I’m a little scared, but this town needs a hero!

Take care Diary!

January 28th 2013. 9:00 PM

Hey Diary! Gosh I’m nervous. I’m going to head out soon. Right after Mom and Dad goes to sleep.

Anyway I just wanted to say that I’d call myself The Man. Haha. I know that’s not imaginative or anything, but I don’t have any cool, backstory or anything! And the way I see it… I’m The Man, The Hero Who Embodies The Strength, Honour and Goodness of Humans! Yes!

Also, I’ve no costume. I’m just going to wear my jeans, sneaker and a hoodie. That way no one can see my face.

First mission, commence!

January 29th 2013. 3:44 AM


I was kicking a**! I saved a couple of innocent people!

I saved a lady from getting robbed. Some guy had her in the alley at knife point. I jumped in from the top. I kicked the knife away and punched his face. Oh btw, I held back on that punch. I didn’t want to break his face! He went down like a brick! Then he ran away. The lady ran away too. She didn’t thank me, but that’s okay! I was just happy to have done some good.

After that I jumped around from building to building. Btw, the view from the top is amazing! I didn’t know the town look so good at night.

Then I saw a guy trying to a break in a car. I jumped in, grabbed him and punched his face (also held back on that one.) He was knocked out immediately though. I checked his breathing and whew! He was alive. I dropped him outside a police station after that. I knocked on the entrance and jumped off. I’d let them take over!

Get this. I didn’t feel tired at all. I felt great! For the first time in my life I feel like I’ve some meaning to this world.

I’ve decided. I, The Man, will be doing this every, single night to protect this city. The world needs a hero and I’m that! Woohoo! Can’t wait to go out again!

Good night Diary!

February 2nd 2013. 2:00 AM

Tonight’s run was… interesting.

I had to stop a gang fight. It was crazy. I saw two huge groups of guys approaching each other with weapons. Some of them even had guns. I did something out of impulse then, which was jumping right in the middle of them. It was nuts. I don’t know why I did what I did, but I figured I had to do something before somebody got hurt.

They were pretty shocked to see me. I didn’t know what to do, so I started to talk to them all. I figured it was better to talk to all them rather than having to beat all of them, right? Right before I was going to tell them how my own life was tough and that we should keep looking forward, one of them shot me, in the tummy.

Two things: It hurt. A lot. But like five seconds later, the wound closed on its own. Right after that, an incendiary projectile flew out of my hand. It didn’t hit any of them (not that I could even tell who belonged to which gang or who was right or wrong int he first place), but the projectile hit a car nearby. It blew up really quick. The two gangs then freaked out, started calling me a demon or something and ran off.

Weird eh? But hey, at least I stopped the fight! No one was hurt, and that was most important.

I’m tired now. I’m going to sleep and think about what happened.

Good night Diary.

February 5th 2013. 6:00PM

Update on powers: Eureka! I got it!

Okay so apparently I’ve a healing factor right? I can’t really get hurt cause my wounds heal on their own.

Something amazing happened that day. I slipped at the edge at the top of a building (silly me) and landed face face on a car. My nose was bleeding. Instantly, my hands started to tingle and sparks started forming. Then a bolt of lightning shot out!

I get it now! Every time I’m hurt, I can create projectiles! Of any element even! I tested it a few more times by cutting my self on the leg. Be it lightning, fire or air (or The Force haha), I just have to think about it and it shoots out!

This is a great day for The Man!!!!!!!!!!!

February 8th 2013. 4:45 AM

Tonight’s run was very disturbing. Even my hands are still trembling. I actually stopped a rape… erm, mid-rape. I heard a scream from the direction of a dark alley and when I got there, this guy was holding down a woman with his pants down!

When he saw me, he told me to “fuck off you punk.” Geez, he wasn’t even shocked or anything.

I bashed his face several times after that. I even slammed him against the wall. I could hear bones breaking and blood was flying everywhere, even on my face. The lady was screaming and crying the whole time.

She didn’t thank me. She gathered her clothes and left. Geez. YOU’RE WELCOME LADY!

I stood there above the rapist, just looking at him. My fists were bloodied and bruised, but they soon healed up. I watched the man cry in pain as he struggled to breathe.

To be perfectly honest Diary, it felt good. Really good. It got me thinking about how all the heroes in movies and comics are always trying to protect the bad guy. I mean, seriously, the heroes are all so powerful, yet they refuse to punish the baddies. Spiderman and Batman would at most knock out a baddie unconscious, and then throw them to the police. Where’s the satisfaction? Come on. These guys deserve the worst. They’re the scum of society and need to be punished. If anything, I sure as hell will not allow an ambiguous police force, that’s filled with useless paperwork to take care of the bad guys. Like in the stories, the bad guys somehow get out of jail anyway!

I know I did the right thing. These scum deserve pain and suffering. Forgiveness is a lie that we tell ourselves in order to move on and blindly hope there’s good in people. I say, if you want to be happy, you better make sure your wrongdoers get it!

Good thing this town has me. I’m going to take down the bad guys for sure!

February 15th. 4 PM.

I got suspended from school today. My mom and dad had to come pick me up from the principal’s office. They were really upset from the “fight” I was in. As usual, nobody cared to listen to my side of the story. Not that it matters anyway. I’m The Man.

So anyway. Jack Jones was being a total fucking asshole to me. He called me names in the cafeteria. Then he smacked my lunch tray to the ground. I smiled of course. That was the perfect opportunity to finally let him have it. I then challenged him to a fight. He laughed. I smiled even more. He told me to wipe that smile off my face before he “rearranged it like Mr. Potato”.

I LOLed at that. He got mad and swung at me. I grabbed his arm, gave it a little twist and his entire body flipped over. His arm broke at the elbow in the process. He was crying in pain. I was smiling to myself all along, thinking, “Jack… You’re nothing. Who are you to oppose me, The Man?” Everyone there was staring. Some girl screamed even, geez. Get a fucking grip girlllllll.

So the discipline mistress then dragged me to the principal. Mom and Dad were called in. I was scolded a lot. I’m now suspended for two weeks for “intentionally causing harm to a fellow student.’ I nearly smirked at that.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again: We have to punish our wrongdoers. It’s absolutely dumb to let bullies get their way. It’s so sickening to know that us victims are always told to “get over it”, as if it’s so easy. Then the bully would only be slapped on the wrist. What garbage. There ought to be a rule where the bully would be punished equal, if not more pain according to the amount he inflicted in the first place. It baffles me to why the system allows such bullshit go on. Oh I remember being told that bullies are actually suffering deep down, that they have issues and whatever at home, that’s why they act out. Whatever! I’ve the right to defend myself. Maybe the school should consider just instituting such losers in the first place.

Ugh. I honestly didn’t mean to upset my mom and dad Diary. I just wish they know that we’re all just angry.

But whatever! It’s all good. I got to focus. This gives The Man more time to go play outside.

February 19th. Around 3AM

I did it again tonight Diary. I caught some guy trying to rob a lady at knife point. And he pissed me off. He was obviously a junkie who was desperate for a fix. I told him to put the knife down and he replied, “Fuck off and go home to your mama’s titties you little shit.”

For some reason that really got to me. I hit the knife away, cutting my fist in the process. Immediately, my hands shot out a ball of fire. I watched him get engulfed by the flames. Then I put it out by slamming him all over the place. By the time the fire was out, he was a smoking, hot lump of bodily mess.

The lady screamed and ran away. Also no thanks from this one. Stupid bitch.

I left the guy there.

February 24th. 3AM

Update on powers: Well this isn’t really an update. I feel no change. I’m however, carrying a knife around with me on my runs now. This is to help me cut myself so I can start shooting stuff. Ingenious eh?

February 29th. 4AM

I’ve decided that on every Tuesday and Thursday, it’d be legs day! That means I’d break all the bones in the legs of the assholes out there. It’s just awesome watching them cry in pain as they writhe around the floor. Like worms.

Then for the rest of the week, it’d be Shoot’em Up and Fuck’em Up days. Fire? Lightning? The Force? You name it, I’d serve it.

For weekends, I guess I’d have to be creative. Paralyze-you-for-life day? Rip-your-balls-out day? Blind-you-so-you-won’t-ever-fucking-see-your-loved-ones-ever-again day? Haha.

Good night Diary.

March 3rd. 5Am

I accidentally killed someone today.

Shit. I didn’t mean to I swear! But she deserved it! Stupid bitch was trying to break open an ATM. I thought it was going to be an easy job. I merely told her to step away. She turned around and guess what? That cunt scratched me! I got so mad and I just… I just hit her you know? She went down just like that. She didn’t get up. There was no pulse and she wasn’t breathing. Her eyes were dead open.

God damn! It’s not my fault! She deserved it! She started the robbery in the first place. Fuck her! She doesn’t deserve to be alive! She got in the way of a hero, of goodness. I’ve done a lot of fucking good lately! It’s too bad she decided to get in the way. Sacrifices have to be made. Yeah yeah. That’s it! Sacrifices have to be made.

I’ll continue to do my job. This town is fucking nothing without me.

March 9th. 11pm

There’re a shit load of scars on my face. Been cutting myself to use my powers. Whatever. Mom and dad sure know how to be fucking annoying.

March 15th 3pm

Just saw the news and can you fucking believe it? PEOPLE ARE SCARED OF THE MAN. “Scary scarred-face vigilante on the loose!” or some gay shit like that.

What! I’ve been helping the little people so much and I get this shit? Real, fucking, amazing guys. I applaud you.

I guess it’s true then. The shit heroes go through in the comics hit it home. You try to do good, but people still fear what they don’t know. You try to do good, but you don’t get what you think you deserve.

Boy, I wonder how Spiderman or Batman does it.

Ahh whatever. Fuck this. Fuck the people. Fuck the police and fuck the news and their bullshit headlines. I’m THE MAN. Ain’t nobody’s going to get in my way.

March 18th 4am

I lost my virginity tonight hehe. I can’t stop smiling dear diary!

Went to approach one of the many hookers in this shitty city. And it felt good! So this is the whole craze on sex huh? I’ve only seen it in porn, but wow, the real thing is crazy!

And $100 for a “full package” and $50 for a “blowjob.” Haha. Good thing I’ve a lot of money saved. The assholes here didn’t need their wallets anyway. At least not on the floor.

This is awesome! Like discovering a whole new world. So many hookers too! I just have to take my pick.

Suddenly I don’t feel so alone and angry anymore.

April 3rd 3pm

I’ve made it a point to never go out in the day anymore. Not even for school.

Some friends from school saw me outside and they couldn’t stop pestering me with stupid questions. “Dude, what’s with your face? What’s with all the scars? Where have you been?” and blah blah blah.

For fuck’s sake. WHO ARE YOU to talk to me?! I can crush you little insects if I wanted to, any. fucking. time.

Same goes to you too mom and dad. STOP with the stupid questions.

April 25th. Night time or whatever

nothing much to update lately. head out at night. break some bones. bash a few heads in. burnt some, fried some. some died but whatever. banged a ho every night and that was it. getting dull lately.

oh I kind of stopped wanting to use condoms. it just gets in the way.

and my room is a filthy mess. mom cries everyday, not doing her bitch job as a woman. dad doesn’t talk to me anymore ever since I put him in his place.

May 9th

something is wrong. very wrong.

tonight’s work mostly consisted of fighting the police. they tried to surround me, but there were no match of course. killed’em all. every, last, single one of them.

and to think i was trying to protect this stupid town.


may 14th

i’ve moved to the warehouse. mom and dad kicked me out. they locked the door. i didn’t want to bash my way in cause i didn’t wanna hurt them THOUGH THEY’RE NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF UNGRATEFUL ASSHOLES.

it’s ok… it’s ok… calm down.

i’ve powers. i’ve money. i can get anything i want. i don’t need my parents or any friends. i do NOT need my parents or any friends. fuck’em.

the lifeblood of THE MAN are the scum of this town…. and the hookers.

sidenote: some, big fat mafia dude in a white suit approached me today. he claimed to know my identity, what school i attended and what i’ve been doing. he proposed some alliance. i told him to piss off. he and his grunts started firing at me and then i killed’em all in like a minute.

may 25th

WHYyyyyyyyyyyyyyy can’t these assholes leave me alone?

some scientist guy came to me and said he wanted to “help me.” HELP ME? HELLOOOOooo I’m THE MAN HIMSELF!

he claimed, once he started experimenting on me he could form theories and whatever.

then i killed him in one punch because he had an annoying voice.

also, a few days before this, this guy who claimed to be a general from the military ALSO said he wanted to HELP me. but, i bet he simply wanted to make me into a weapon.

no way man. no way. i ain’t some tool. i refused to be used again. i m not powerless.

fuck him. didn’t manage to kill him. he ran pretty fast. hope i can take’em on when they’re back.

u know, come to think of it, i really wonder if somebody else got powers that night of the flash

july 15th

i honestly have not been doing my job well at all. i’ve spent nights in the warehouse to sleep in.

i am not even sure if crime is down in this stupid town since i am not around, but whatever. as long as nobody bothers me, i am fine.

i am fine, i am fine, i am fine, i am fine.

killing and punishing people seems to be a dying art. there’s just no thrill anymore. it’s no fun. justice doesn’t seem to last. it’s hopeless. watching them cry and scream makes me uncomfortable. i thought of moving to iraq or something and take down those stupid terrorist assholes, but i am not sure how to go there.

i think i also hit my peak. i don’t see any developments in my powers. there’s just no challenge anymore.

August 22nd

Dear whoever the fuck who finds this shit

i’m done. i’m so done. i’m tired. i’m going away.

i hate this fucking town and i hate myself.


power is always good

it is. it so fucking is. BUT WHY do i feel like this?


back then i was such a fucking loser. maybe, just maybe, i felt a LITTLE more safe back then, but still, i had no powers.

who cares that i got to see mom and dad everyday? who cares that mom always cooked lasagna for me? who cares about my stupid good grades in school? I HAD NO FUCKING POWERS BACK THEN.

GOD DAMN. stop crying you little shit!

and what’s up with this world?! people keep fucking up!!!!! rape, murder, mugging, gang wars, guns, stupid drivers who text while driving AND OF COURSE! MOST OF THEM JUST DO IT FOR MONEY.

i’m done. i’m so done. this town doesn’t need me.


batman, superman, spiderman or whateverman, you guys are a fucking joke.

none of us are heroes. we’re just players who lie a lot more than others. nobody needs us. we don’t create any real change. the only people who can make changes are the same assholes who dare to shoot up schools, bomb buildings, slit necks and do it all without thinking their own lives are worth a damn.

so why the fuck aren’t there any ones like that on the good side?!

AND WHY the fuck do you guys still continue?! TELL ME! I WANT TO KNOW. I’M LOOKING AT YOU NOW. COME OUT AND TELL ME. I’ll TAKE YOU ALL ON.

I am done.

I need a quiet place. I need a quiet place.

I’m done.


– The Man

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