The Irony Of Easy Intentions

As a writer, it’s easy for me to wake up everyday and proceed to think, “Today, I want to write because I want to make money.”

“I want to gain a ton of followers.”

“I want to become famous.”

“I want to go viral.”

Whether you’re a writer or not, I am sure you’ve been inundated with these easy intentions, be it wanting a million dollars, a hot girl in your life, to travel the world or gaining fame.

It’s that easy.

You just need to compare yourself with others and then proceed to want money or fame.

The irony is that this is does not work at all.

Its easy, but it will not work.


Because they’re the wrong kind of intentions.

It makes you chase the result. It puts you in a state where you want something so much that you escape your heart completely and start to produce mediocre work.

And it is your heart where your best work is made from.

So what’s the best kind of intentions?

It’s the one where you say to yourself:

“What can I create today that only I in this world can create?”

“What can I create that is something I’d love to see/read?”

“What can I create that makes me heart burst with inspiration and joy?”

“What can I create today that is aligned with my ‘why’ behind everything I do and gives me a sense of purpose?”

“What can I create that’d help others?”

Thus, the best kind of intentions are the ones that makes you happy, that allows you to have fun, that gives you purpose and meaning and yes, that actually helps others.

Think like this everyday before you start your work.

Slowly but surely, your success will come, and you’d know that you absolutely deserve it because it was created authentically by you.

Side story:

In a month or so, my blog would turn 6 years old. That’s one fucking long journey! There has been so many ups and downs as I dealt with the different identities of juggling being a writer, artist, blogger and entrepreneur.

Alas though, I started out as a mere blogger and entrepreneur. That said, I was obsessed with internet marketing as I eagerly wanted to know how I could make money online on my own.

Did I succeed? For a while, I did.

Did it feel good? Yes. There’s something powerful and easy in just working from home on the computer and then seeing money go straight to your PayPal and bank account.

How long did this goodness feel? Short. Very short.

Why? Because my intentions were not the best. They were too easy. All the internet marketing tactics I learnt were not aligned with my values. I absolutely cringed at myself whenever I promoted shitty affiliate products I knew were bad or wrote about ‘trendy’ topics on my blog, all of which I didn’t care about.

Slowly but surely, what money I made, it all went away as I spent all of them. What joy and inspiration I had from writing dissipated. What progress I made, I dumped and restarted all over.

This is how important your intentions are. You need to set it right right from the start and then feel that shit every step of the way. Should you stray from being who you are with just one step, it is my belief that what success you gain will eventually disappear. This is how you know that you don’t deserve it.

So set the right intentions. Get rid of the easy ones.

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