A page from one of my favorite graphic novels, Daytripper by Fabio Moon and Grabiel Ma.

The Chilling Reminder From Death: Of Our Mortality And Short Trip Here

Most of us hear of death of someone.

Some of us see it young, thus forcing us to grow up overnight.

Some die old.

And then some die young.

Try as we might, death will always be a full mystery not even the smartest person here can unravel.

But death happens anyway.

I felt it when my dad died when I was only 20.

Truly, the perspective on life changes altogether.

But along the way, I get distracted. I start to get stressed out over meaningless shit.

Then, I get the chilling reminder again.

If you see death happen so close to you, you’ve my condolences.

But know that down the road, it’s a gift for a wider lens for your mind.

It hurts.

But eventually, it can be good.


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