The Beauty Of Open-Ended Questions And The Problem With Self-Help

If you notice of late, most of my posts are mere musings.

They’re short and not exactly straight to the point.

They usually end with a question.

And that I think is the beauty of it all.

Things that are truly inspirational and helpful don’t come with direct answers.

They come with questions to make you think and ask yourself.

Then you create the answer and that’s why it becomes more meaningful.

The self-help world is littered with your top 10s, how-tos, life hacks, secrets, tips, tricks, shortcuts and products.

But I don’t think they can truly help.

They’re mere, tiny, uninvited pushes on your back, telling you what to do.

They only work when you’re a kid.

But once you’re an adult, you can’t follow advice that worked for others forever.

Get questions.

And ask questions.

Then do something. Anything. As long as you’re doing it on your own.

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