The Artist And Hustler Deadlock: How Shitty Do You Need To Feel?

The hustler of an entrepreneur is screaming away,

“No excuses!”

The artist of an entrepreneur is in his zen mode, saying,

“I do it because I love it.”

This is the deadlock of the Artist and Hustler.

One screams that it’s all about hard work, sacrifice and plowing through the shit storm until you attain success.

Who is right, really?

Personally, I’ve been in both realms.

Then I swung like a heavy, brass pendulum, in and out of these two realms

I’d worry about money, my livelihood.

I ended up feeling shitty no matter where I was.

Again, who is right really? The Hustler Or The Artist? Is there a need to feel shitty in the path to success?

The answer is something you find on your own after being on both sides.

That’s the deal: Things can come to an end and the universe doesn’t care if you’re ready for it or not; whichever side you’re on.

So you might as well use both your heart and brain.

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