The art of doing it only because you love it

Work from the heart they say.

Do it because you love it they say.

Do it for yourself they say.

They say like it’s so easy. Heck, it does sound easy, but it’s not. Never was. But saying it sure is easy.

Successful people who have somehow made it like to say, nay, preach it.

But, life always gets in the way.

It’s pretty hard to simply want to do the work out of love when you have to worry about money, results and life itself.

It sounds logical. After all, who doesn’t worry about money and results especially when you’re simply not getting any of that?

Yet, you can’t work just for that.

When you do, you produce shoddy work. You don’t do your best. Your passion dwindles. You ironically don’t get any results even though you aimed for it.

How then, do you actually get results?

You really just do it because you love it.

You go back to your zone. You remember why you started in the first place. You create that feeling of awe again. You go to your haven so nobody can come near you and distract you. You keep pushing away the idea of results. You say, “Fuck it” to money. You say, “I want to produce my best work ever and it’s the best because it came from me and not because others told me it’s the best.” You tell others, “Shut up! It’s MY way and I’ll listen to my heart!” Again, you try really, really hard to stop worrying about the results because that never helps.

Then you do it everyday.

You make it a habit.

You practice.

And people will notice. Because passion is contagious.

Then you results come.

And in all seriousness, you might as well do what you love anyway.

You can fail what you hate doing.




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Alden Tan

Alden Tan

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