Boom! My latest tattoo!

It’s Venom.

And as you can see, the symbiote (the black stuff) is flowing from an open wound.

This is symoblize the Venom in me.

Venom is one of my favorite superheroes in the Marvel Universe. He, to me represents what an anti-hero should be.

There’re too many story arcs about Venom, but to sum it up, Venom is a hero who is willing to be violent and even kill people to do good. I love it when heroes do that because it shows they’re not pussies who follow every damn rule ever.

So this tattoo is my Venom. It flows within me. And in me is my inner anger, rage and unhappiness with the world.

I don’t do stupid shit and ever become self-destructive, but I know it’s in me.

Deep huh? Let me know what you think!

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