Take Not For Granted Those Around You, For It Will Come Back In Full Force

I had a girlfriend who was a rather hateful and angry person.

Near the breakup, she was writing shit all over my Facebook wall. I am talking essay-long message.

After we broke up, she was practically begging me to be back with her.

She texted me non-stop.

Another girlfriend of mine was pretty much really irresponsible near the fallout.

She disappeared entirely for a month. I took it as a breakup.

One of the things that really baffled me about them was how their personality changed completely, instantly.

From hateful to in tears.

This is why you don’t ever take people for granted.

The more anger, hate and negativity you pour on someone, like hot oil, the more it will turn against you one day.

Take not for granted those around you, for it will come back in full force.

Call it karma. Kismet. Bad luck. A weird type of serendipity.

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