Somewhere out there is somebody who thinks Harry Potter is a piece of shit, and that is that

One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to art is that we mix it up with popularity.

We think that a piece of art is good the minute it makes a ton of money, gain a bunch of fans or is converted into other forms of media, like turning a book into a movie.

Those indicators are too damn easy.

Remember, art is personal.

You have a right to express yourself.

You have a right to to have your own taste.

Everyone does.

Somewhere out there is somebody who thinks Harry Potter is a piece of a shit, and that is his or her world entirely.

Is that a good piece of art to that person then? No.

No matter how popular something is, if someone hates it, it means he hates it.

Popularity doesn’t mean something is actually good.

How do you use this info?

You keep creating your art based on how good it makes you feel.

You DON’T create art in hopes of making tons of money, making it viral or getting it made into a movie or whatever.

If you do that, it’s going to be extremely tiring. It’s going to be extremely demoralizing.

It’s going to work against you as you stop loving what you do.

But I get it… You do want to succeed in life. You want to get the good stuff! You want to enjoy life and have your art validated!

Who doesn’t?

So how do you go about it?

You just keep doing your best work every damn day.

You be consistent.

You make sure it’s good art based on how you feel, not how others feel; not for others approval.

But… Feedback and constructive criticism do matter.

That is called learning and always bettering yourself.

But again, you learn based on what you feel.

You don’t learn EVERYTHING! Not everything can apply to you. If you think something is a piece of shit, then don’t learn it!

So you take what you need, what you want and continue to create; to practice.

Every day. No excuses.

Then hopefully one day, all the good stuff will happen.

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Alden Tan

Alden Tan

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