Some Thoughts On What Is Real Writing And Makes A Real Writer

Because the business of writing has skewed the art that is writing, leading many writers to misidentify themselves as artists when they are far from it.

  • Writing is art, which makes it a personal form of expression.
  • It is so personal that it’s only something you can create in this world.
  • Through its personal nature, you’d different motivations to want to write and making money from it is the lowest priority.
  • Writing only about writing is a paradox.
  • If you truly love writing about writing, that’s fine, but keep it to yourself.
  • The people who don’t keep it to themselves are the ones trying to make a business out of writing by teaching others how to write, thus creating a larger black hole that is the paradox.
  • When naive and immature writers, however passionate they may be get sucked into the black hole, they lose their art, they lose themselves.
  • You will never learn how to create art from people who write about writing because again, writing is personal. Their teachings will make you escape your heart and go to your head, where art is not created from.
  • A writer weave tales and tell stories which they only can because they really, really want to. A person who is just penning things on paper for a specific purpose to benefit themselves are doing it because they want to be validated by others.
  • If you want to keep improving, you’ll keep reading and writing. You never stop. You especially do not stop and rely on some “how to write” course or book.
  • A writer can start learning and sticking to a methodology, but he or she will eventually discard them and write whatever, however they want, because the personal nature of writing, art comes from one’s own emotions, which has no rules about them.
  • Hence, a writer who stays true to himself or herself will simply write and call it writing as they know it is from them. They do not need contrived keywords, buzzwords or industrial terminology like “content.”
  • Do not be concerned with the marketing of your writing. When you do, you forget why you write or forget the importance of creating art.
  • So write first and then slowly learn to figure it out in the future. Get a marketing partner to help you even. But always, write first.

You’d always have your own personal reason to write. Hold on to it and never let it go.

Here’s mine:

“Good writing makes people feel something deep down they never thought existed.”

And that feeling is not something society can give you.

And that feeling can help people go places and discover more about themselves.

I write to make myself feel something and also to help others feel something.

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