I always found it intriguing when people tell me, “It’s just a small thing dude. Let it go.”

Intriguing because it has two hidden motives to it:

1) The person telling you that believes you’re capable of letting it go and becoming a better person.

This is cool.

2) The person telling you that just wants to shut you down to further their own selfish means.

This is not cool. Because instead of putting in the effort to let go of this ‘small thing’ themselves, they want others to do it for them instead.

And inevitably, there’ll be a lot of passersby who will decide to throw in their opinion on what this ‘small thing’ entails even though it has nothing to do with them at all. This is when more and more people need to be filtered through the above two categories.

This is when you’ll truly know who is your friend and who actually gives a shit about you.

Makes sense?


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