Shark Tank Is Truth

Alden Tan
Sep 25, 2022


I’ve been watching a lot Shark Tank snippets on YouTube lately.

I love it. It’s just so inspiring.

Why? Because whatever the judges say, it’s the truth.

In a world of fake news, cyberbullying and biased headlines created to manipulate your mind, it can be hard to find a place that gives nothing but the truth.

The Sharks shut down a young, passionate whipper snapper here. It’s harsh, but it was what he needed to hear.

The Sharks are also billionaires, yet they wouldn’t just hand out what is pocket change to them for any business.

I personally hate being around people where I feel like I am walking or egg shells or wonder whether I am being bullshitted to. This is toxic for your mental health.

Watch some snippets. If anything, it’s refreshing.

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