See that guy over there? The one wearing his office attire. He’s tired. His shirt isn’t tugged in. He carries a heavy laptop. He thinks, “That guy is so lucky. He’s so rich.”

See that rich guy over there? The one driving the fancy sports car. His wallet contains a bunch of premium credit cards. He is going to the airport to fly first class to some exotic place alone. He thinks, “That guy is so lucky. He has a loving wife and kids.”

See that family guy over there? The one with his beautiful wife and kids. He is taking them to the zoo on a Sunday for some quality family time. He loves his wife and kids. He thinks, “That guy is so lucky. If only I was young again. I wouldn’t have to be so unhappy and I’d have stopped trying to please others.”

See that young guy over there? The one from college. He’s young, good looking, studious and has a bright future ahead of him. His friends voted him as “most likely to succeed in life.” He thinks, “There’s just too much pressure and I absolutely hate what I learning! Nobody cares about what I really love. That guy is so lucky. All he does is party, get drunk, meet a ton of chicks and in his Instagram shows him being so happy all the time!”

See that other young guy over there? He’s so fun to be around with. He scores all the time with hot babes. Every bouncer from every club knows him. He has so many friends. He is just so damn popular. He thinks, “This lifestyle is so meaningless. People only make use of me for free stuff. They don’t even remember my name. The hangovers suck. I am broke. The girls even laugh at my face when I say I want to get serious. That guy is so lucky. I wish I had passion, hobbies and real interests to pursue.”

See that nerdy looking guy over there? He absolutely loves playing video games. He can master any game. He streams his gaming for others to watch. Whole communities respect him. They tip him and he’s also making a ton of money from sponsorships. He thinks, “Those guys outside are so lucky. I am deathly afraid to even talk to anyone due to my anxiety. I can’t even get a girlfriend. I am ugly. I am going to die alone.”

See that old guy over there? He’s old. He’s on his deathbed. He’s not given much time left. Everyone surrounds him, including his grand kids, employees, business partners, celebrities and even the president. He thinks, “Everyone here is so lucky. I wish I had more time.”