Religion Is Just A Buffet: Why I Don’t Need A God

Originally from my blog:

In my drunken rant, I mentioned something about religion. Yep. Touchy issue there, but I went for it.

This is what I said:

Religion is just a buffet. You pick what you want. And at anytime, you can pick something else and switch your plate. The portion is also entirely up to you.

So to break it down if you aren’t entirely clear:

You pick the food you want- You pick the god/entity/following/organization. It’s your choice.

You pick something else and switch plates- Anytime you feel unsatisfied or just plain feel like switching, you can. You can start switching your beliefs on your own.

The portion is up to you- How you conduct your lifestyle according to your religion and/or god is up to you. You can either let the god or teachings dictate everything you do or merely let it guide you.

And here’s the thing:

No one is going to judge you unless you fill your plate like Mount Everest and stuff yourself. People will judge you for being a fat piece of shit, but how you feel deep down towards your food (and lead your own life) is still unknown to others. They don’t have to know.

So do you see how, with regard to religion, you can do whatever the hell it is you want? Do you see how any religious dude out there can do whatever they want and you wouldn’t be the wiser anyway?

But that’s just one issue. Here’s what I think about religion as a whole and how it affects us mere humans. Be warned. I’m going to step on toes. Leave now if you have a feeling you’re going to be offended.

Oh by the way. I used to be a christian. For real. I was part of prayer committee and even went for youth camp.

And I, as they’d put it, backslided. I basically stopped believing after I started reading more books on new age, metaphysics and stuff.

In summary, whenever people ask me when I stopped believing, I say, “I cannot ever believe that ideas of good and evil can be summed up in a single book.”

Life is too huge yo. Here’s my thoughts on religion:

Everybody screws up

So… good and evil.

With religion, your god decides who’s good or bad and with that, who gets to go to “heaven”, or “hell” if there are promises of an afterlife.

But it’s not a matter of good and evil.

It’s adhering to the fact that nobody is perfect. Even the supposedly saved or redeemed are not perfect.

Face it. We’re all assholes.

Maybe you don’t act it, but you probably think it. We slip from our conscience at times and do things out of character. We all make mistakes.

So I don’t think anybody, or any god can be the judge of who we are. As it is, if you think about it, we already have our laws in place to tame our evil and darker side. Who or what then, is to say who is truly good?

I remember this quote from the Bible standing out to me:

Matthew 21:31- Jesus said to them, “Truly I tell you, the tax collectors and the prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God ahead of you.

I was like, wow. So prostitutes can go to heaven then.

Well if that’s the case, I can’t see how bad we really are doing.

Interestingly, a friend told me once that she did not believe in heaven because of the philosophical fact that as long as there’re masses, there will be conflict.

Again, nobody is perfect. We’re all just trying to get by. It’s hard to think that we are to be judged, and then condemned even just because we are trying to live.

You can be raised in another part of the world and that’d be that

Nobody knows what happens after death. Period.

Life is weird.

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