Pride And Pain In Your Pain Alone

When I broke up with one of my ex-girlfriends, I cried alone in my room one night. The breakup was made effective when she disappeared on me.

When we were in a relationship, it was a long-distance one. I would fly over to visit her alone.

When I struggled badly with my anger issues, I’d rage uncontrollably in my room alone.

When I finally decided to take up professional therapy to deal with my anger, I went to the doctor to get referral letter alone.

When I started my blog and online business, I did it all alone.

It has been scary, tiring and yep, lonely. But at the same time, it was these moments of lonesomeness that mark my achievements and made me the man I am today.

I guess it’s this paradox of pride and pain that comes hand in hand, like two side of a coin you’re constantly flipping.

It will suck and you’ll feel low at times, but keep going forward. Take pride in that pain. That’d be the best thing you’d have ever done.

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