Personally I just HATE the stupid show. I watched like two episodes and I can only think how:

  • The entire show is mere marketing for Marie and her image.
  • In the show, she goes in, talks shit, folds like one piece of clothing and fucks off in her chauffeured ride. If she sleeps over to understand the dynamics and pains of the family, that’s fine, but she’s not doing that.
  • Everything is contrived, especially the stupid trailer being automatically played on my Netflix and how she says, “I love mess!” Yeah right. What producer told you to say that Marie?
  • There is no real, underlying issue. It’s just adults forgetting how to be neat. Stop being a bitch and just clean up. Know what’s a real issue? Hoarding.
  • All the articles being shared on Facebook talking about how it’s a “movement” makes me cringe. There is no movement! You’re just marketing for her and you’re too lazy to clean your own shit.
  • Once the show is off the limelight, I bet there’s going to be reports by the families in the show talking about how they reverted back to being messy pieces of shit, just like how the ‘stars’ of America’s Got Talent resurface to say how the show ruined their lives and shit. Whoa oh, more marketing.

Whew! Rant over.

Anyway check this out:

Essentialism, a school of thinking that’s more real.