How To Deal With Depression, Anxiety And Low Self-Esteem

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I don’t have the answers for you as I’ve never suffered from depression.

With that, I don’t want to come across as insensitive. Any answers directly from me would be under the category of “Just snap out of it” or “Get over it.”

I know that’s going to piss people off only.

However, I’m an angry guy. I do a lot of reading on anger and also the link between anger and depression.

I find the following few sources to the most helpful in the internet. Do take the time to read. I hope it helps:

My Struggle With Depression | The Art Of Manliness

The Symptoms Of Male Depression | The Art Of Manliness

What Causes Male Depression? | The Art Of Manliness

How To Manage Depression | The Art Of Manliness

Although The Art Of Manliness is catered towards guys, the information inside is by far the most extensive when it comes to depression. It has scientific facts along with a personal story you can relate to.

Please do yourself a favor and read it.

And… here’s a few pictures of encouragement. Don’t know if you saw it yet, but Wentworth Miller definitely has some encouraging things to say.

And I think that’s the best piece of advice ever: Get help.

That’s all.

Hope this helps!

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Alden Tan

Alden Tan

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