On Hard Resets, Starting Fresh And Going Crazy (Because You Think So)

I recently re-branded my blog, and with that, I took down all my articles and got rid of all my subscribers.


Crazy fucking decision?! Sure was. And was necessary.

Here’s my reason.

I’ve come to a huge decision. And that is that I am going to take down all articles on my blog.

Yep, that’s 604 articles I’ve written over the last six years.

Oh and the 20,000+ subscribers I garnered? Deleted.

The SEO ‘juice’ I’ve accumulated? Gone. (Actually, I’ve no idea how much juice I’ve gotten and what this will entail, but this is the point of the reset. I’ll explain more below.)

Sounds fucking crazy?


And I am guessing most of you think it is.

But it’s time to do this.

A writer’s gotta write

I am a writer. I always loved to.

When people ask me why I write, the answer is always the same:

“Because good writing allows people to feel something deep down they never knew existed.”

Of all the amazing writing I’ve come across, be it in the form of books, blogs, movies, graphic novels, poetry and quotes, they all made me feel something, something that made me feel like:

  • My dad’s death had meaning.
  • My life had meaning.
  • Where I, nay, we should all work for something even greater than ourselves.
  • I can create the best damn piece of art ever.

My blog has been one of my greatest creations, but it has its flaws.

I started out with the wrong intentions

I only wanted to make money honestly. I started the blog as my foray into internet marketing more than anything, even more than as a writer and artist.

As a result, I mostly learnt internet marketing. I thought the end goal was to make a ton of money and work from home.

I fucked it up with shitty marketing

And yet, I fucked it up.

Marketing, on its most technical level isn’t my thing.

But I’ve learnt enough to know what I need to do now.

I have a steady following and income from Steemit now

I was broke as hell the last few years as I struggled with my blog.

But today, I’ve got Steemit, a blockchain social network where artists get to write about anything they want and get paid for it. I don’t want to go into detail now on how it works, but yeah, it has been working for me.

That said, I am more stable today. I have more confidence to write about what I truly want and not worry about whether it give me the results I want, be it traffic or money. The struggle between staying true to myself as a writer and trying to make a living was extremely tiring and confusing.

Yes, money is important, but so is art. As I’ve learnt, it’s the grey area in the middle where you can find the perfect balance to truly make a living doing what you love.

Swing from one end of the spectrum to the other, it just doesn’t work.

A fresh start to write with proper marketing

Straight up, I’ll be writing about whatever the fuck I want now.

There’ll be no more niches or contrived bullshit that’s considered popular, you know, the Top 10 bullshit and shit?

But yet, I’ll try my best to carry out some marketing. I’ve written a ton of shit I’ve always wanted, but nobody read them.

People need to read my shit because I am that good.

I’ll be more patient now instead of dismissing all forms of marketing as boring crap.

I am going crazy and that’s the point

For those connections I’ve made over the years, it’s easy to think that I am crazy. Heck, some of you may be laughing right now. I mean, I never made the six-figures like you guys or traveled the world as much as you all.

But that is why you guys are just connections.

For my friends, I know you believe in me and trust in what I am doing.

I’ve come to believe that an artist needs to be crazy and just trust his own gut rather than plan shit out all the time.

Planning is important, but you can’t plan life.

This is my life. My writing is my life.

A writer’s gotta write

From here on out:

  • All old articles will be take down.
  • But the good, important ones will be republished in a timely manner.
  • All new articles will be written on my profile at Steemit first.
  • You can also find me at Quora where I answer questions too.

That is all.

I am excited. And scared.

But let’s fucking do this.


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