On Doing Work That Kills My Soul: Lessons On Business, Writing And Art

Originally here on Steemit:

For the past few days, I’ve been doing a ton on research in paving the way for my marketing strategy for my blog.

My strategy is simple: Join a bunch of social networks out there, see what I can do to add value there, build a following and link them back to my blog.

That doesn’t sound complicated at all right? That’s the point. I don’t want shit to be complicated.

But I gotta say, the process of research alone was killing my soul because I hate doing that shit.

Here are some of my thoughts:

  • The whole point of my strategy is that it must absolutely not be complicated or technical at all. Whenever it gets too technical, too market-y and too clusterfucked with numbers and percentages, I get tired out extremely fast. I literally will not learn anything or make any progress then.
  • I guess for stubborn artists like me, it has to go my way. I dare say that only a real artist will know what I am talking about.
  • But yes, no artist should become a starving artist. So I still force myself to grind it out somewhat, feel the pain and do the work I don’t feel like doing. As far as technical shit goes, I am learning SEO. This point is very tricky. You need to find the answer yourself.
  • There’re a shit ton of social networks out there. Look at this list!There’re many more unique ones that go beyond Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • I had to consciously tell myself to not kill my soul. I had to remind myself, “Okay, I’ve gone through this process before. It’s not a good feeling. I have to trust my gut now and stop listening to the so-called experts out there who says this shit must be learnt. I will only learn what I want.” Truly, for whatever you learn in life, not everything applies to you. Pick what you need and want only.
  • A lot of the experts don’t know shit. They’re just recycling shit they learnt from a mere Google search. Then they call themselves experts for the sake of positioning and branding.
  • A real expert who really wants to help people and not just make money give very generic advice that is either free or cheap. Because at the end of the day, the generic and cliched advice will always work. They will give you guidance that will take a long time to work. There is no overnight solution.
  • Ignore how much these so-called experts earn. Only a fake needs to tell the whole world how much money they make.
  • For whatever you learn, take shit step by step. You don’t need to apply everything today, tomorrow or even next week. Do one thing at a time and slowly build it up. And again, remember to only pick what you want.
  • When it gets too much, just fucking stop. I don’t care how the annoying hustlers out there are yelling, “No excuses!” If things are getting too overwhelming, stop, take a break, refresh yourself and then go back with a clear mind. Then again (gosh, I can’t stress this enough), pick what you want only again!

And lastly…

You’re not an artist if you write about writing.

It pisses me off when writers call themselves writers when they only write about writing. Then they proceed to sell some bullshit course to teach people how to write.

Same goes to marketers who market about marketing, entrepreneurs who teach naive folks how to become entrepreneurs, people who make money by teaching other how to make money, social media people who social media about social media, book publishers who publish books on book publishing, guest posters who write guest posts on guest posting, readers who read books on how to read books (What???) etc…

The list goes down and the circle-jerk stretches far and wide.

If you respect yourself enough to call yourself an artist, then have the balls to truly create something only you; something the world can say, “That piece of art belongs to [your name] and only him/her.”

That’s all.


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