“Oh he’s actually a nice guy”

Are six of the stupidest and most pathetic words in human history.

Whenever I hear these words being uttered to me, it’s usually after said guy, or lady fucks up on an epic level.

I remember having to deal with a drunken idiot who tried to start a fight with me for absolutely no reason.

When I talked to my friend about it, not only did he laugh it off, he said, “Oh come on. He’s actually a really nice guy.”

That’s it.

No apology.

No exploration on why said idiot was acting like a jack ass and certainly no holding back on putting it on me.

That is when I am told to “let it go”, “forgive”, “let bygones be bygones” and yes of course, “He’s actually a really nice guy.”


This is why bullies exist today.

Bully victims are always told to let it go or to suck it up and then fed shit like how the bully is also human and… actually a really nice guy.

Man. I’m a really nice guy too! The difference is that I display that niceness from the get-go. And when I fuck up, I man up, apologize and make amends.

I don’t have to rely on my own friends to tell others that I am actually a really nice guy after all.

I don’t intentionally fuck up and hurt others just so I can console myself and fill the void my insecurities have created by saying that I am ‘actually’ a really nice guy.

That is why these six ugly words have to go.

Stop fucking up

It doesn’t take a genius to be an adult. Use your common sense.

Even if you do fuck up, man up and apologize.

Show off your niceness

People today seem to think that material things and other pretentious bullshit should be shown off instead of one’s niceness.

Why? God only knows.

Just be nice. It’s that easy. If you need to show off things instead of your character, you’re doing it wrong.

Stop defending your asshole friends

You’re not doing them any fucking favours.

Tell them what they need to hear!

Don’t hang out with people who are plain not nice

Plot twist: People who are only actually nice after all, are not nice at all.

If you know somebody is nice, you’d know straight from the start. You don’t need to peel away layers and layers of bullshit.

And yo, if you’re actually are one of those actually-a-nice-guy-guys, so much so you actually need to put in effort to be actually nice, you really need to reflect on your life and start improving yourself.

It doesn’t take a genius to be nice!

But I get it…

We all fuck up.

The people who are constantly defending idiots all around with these six ugly words are the loyal friends.

We do need our friends, especially ones to point out our mistakes.

But heed this warning: Don’t ever cross the line and continuously step on the toes of people who are truly nice.

Everybody has a dark side.

When you’re on the receiving end and fed these six words, hopefully, for your sake, it’s not so painful that you can never recover.

For some of the truly nice have been holding back for centuries, and what they have inside of them are a lot stronger than you are.

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