Welcome to Nice Club.

First rule of Nice Club: You do not talk about Nice Club.

Second rule of Nice Club: You do NOT talk about Nice Club!

Third rule of Nice Club: If someone says, “Uh huh”, looks down and rolls their eyes, your being nice is over and you should really stop talking.

Fourth rule of Nice Club: No one is really that nice.

Fifth rule of Nice Club: One deed at a time fellas.

Sixth rule of Nice Club: Being nice is simple. No big words, no pretentiousness, no hypocrisy, no convenient reminders for favors.

Seventh rule of Nice Club: Being nice should be part of you forever.

And the eighth and final rule: If this is your first time at Nice Club, you probably aren’t as nice as you think you are.

This article is dedicated to all the pretentious people out there who think that they’re super nice and then like to tell the whole world about it. Can we PLEASE stop with the humblebragging?

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