Never take advice from people who were lucky

It’s easy to think you should take advice from anyone who is successful.

But the truth is, many successful people out there don’t know shit.

They were just lucky.

And with that, they are deluded into thinking that they had been doing something right all along or that they actually know their shit.

That’s when all the pretentious humble bragging come about.

That’s when all the motivational quotes on Instagram sprout like weeds.

That’s when people like to say shit like, “Oh haha! I wasn’t aiming to be rich or famous. I just did it for fun!”

That’s when they skim on their advice and preach anything they feel is good, when it’s actually awfully generic, things like, “Don’t give up!”

Never take advice from people who were lucky.

That’s like listening to someone who tells you to simply invest all your money in lottery tickets.

Fuck luck! Make your own life and stop giving a shit about others. Get my free book here: 12 Things Happy People Don’t Give a Fuck About!