My Two Years On Steemit As A Fuckup: What You Can Actually Learn From Me

Here’s the thing: I met Kevin two years ago here on Steemit, when Steemit first came to life.

Here’s the other thing: My mindset wasn’t very mature back then and my resolve to look into a better, longer future was non-existent.

What did I do? I powered the hell down. I powered down everything and sold everything. Bitcoin was worth $3,000+ or so then. It was big money to me. I sold it all and yes, that was another big ass windfall.

Such a stark contrast to @kevinwong’s journey huh?

There is reward for being patient

There is an eventual gratitude for struggling and fucking up because it will make you strong as hell

When you stop looking for easy solutions after fucking up, you become a lot smarter than most people today

When you’re in it because you believe in it, you’ll find amazing people who are meant to be in your life

That’s it. That’s what you can learn from a fuckup like me.

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