My Thoughts On Medium Partnership Program As A Writer @Steemit

1. There were people in Steemit saying how Medium isn’t decentralized, doesn’t run on the blockchain and doesn’t have it’s own cryptocurrency and therefore it sucks.

Honestly, to each his own.

The distribution system to me makes sense:

“Each member’s $5/month subscription is distributed proportionally to the stories that the individual member engaged with that month. So if someone engaged with 10 stories in a given month, their monthly subscription would be distributed to those authors only.”

So that’s cool.

Does Medium need its own crytocurrency?

Is Medium purposefully lagging behind in today’s changing world by not going that route?

Who knows?

Again, to each his own.

2. I like that there’re rules here

People who tend to swing towards the side of anarchism, freedom and all that shit will never like rules. Period.

That’s why people at Steemit love it so much and will always vouch for it.

But for me, I like rules.

There is actually politics, drama and bullying going on at Steemit and I think that’s wack.

People need leadership. People need (some) rules.

3. I am still baffled as fuck by the payment system here, but that’s okay

I just saw my earnings for the week and it is meager. I’ve been posting here everyday, sometimes up to three times a day.

I know Medium won’t be fully open with their algorithm, but so far, it seems like it has nothing to do with how much readership or claps your article gets.

Oh well.

But that’s okay…

I’ve been writing and blogging long enough to know that chasing the money will never work.

It will only serve to piss you off and make you stressed out.

The right way to do it instead, is to be consistent, diligent and write shit you truly love and care about. Slowly make friends here too by leaving good comments.

4. Decentralized, blockchain, cryptocurrency or not, Medium is changing the way we work

And I am very thankful for that.

In the old days, to make money online, it was pretty much like this:

  • Create your blog.
  • Find your niche, which hence personally speaking, stifles your creativity. You end up writing shit you don’t really care for.
  • Build an email list, which takes fucking forever.
  • To build said email list, the most popular way for bloggers to do so was guest posting, which also takes fucking forever because you need to pitch a post, wait for a response, write a draft, wait for approval and then finally wait for them to publish it after approval. One guest post of mine took like six months to go live!
  • Then you need to create your product.
  • Then you need to create a sales page.
  • Then you need send traffic to that page to A/B test it or whatever.
  • Then hopefully, you make some money.

Good gosh! I remember feeling so fucked up and stressed out every step of the way!

And don’t even get me started by the noise out there, noise made by the “how to make money online” assholes who are trying to scam you.

5. I am here to stay now

I actually first stepped foot on Medium back in 2016.

I wrote back then in hopes of gaining traffic for my main blog. But I fizzled out and gave up eventually because it seemed very cumbersome. Add to that, my mindset was very weak back then.

I am here to stay now, thanks to the partnership program. Yes, I won’t deny that the money, though small now is big incentive. I’ll be the first to admit that money is important to me and it amplifies my art and love for writing.

As said, it’s all about consistency over the long-term.

6. Oh, I am also cynical of people who grow too fast here

No disrespect to some people here, but I call bullshit on people who gain a ton of followers too quickly.

It’s very easy to be wow-ed by people who claim to be able to make a ton of money quickly and easily. But that’s too easy and obvious.

What’s more subtle, and deceptive are people who grow a following quickly and seemingly out of nowhere.

In the old days, I’d have been super impressed since I was naive and immature, so much so I bought products from the “how to get [whatever] fast” guys. It was all a waste of money.

In today’s day and age, where everything can easily be faked, it’s really not so impressive anymore.

What has this got to do with the partnership program? Simple. It’s easy to think that someone is balling and making bank due to the number of followers they have.

But that is only an assumption. And we all make too many assumptions in life to the point we believe fake things to be real.

I strongly advise people to question everything and follow your gut instead.

Just my 2 cents.

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