Musings: I’d rather go for a wake than a wedding

Alden Tan
2 min readJul 3, 2017


I hate weddings. Many things about it annoy me.

The fact that it’s time and money gone, just like that.

The fact that the couple has a sense of self-entitled importance. I am sorry, but some of us don’t care or agree with the idea of marriage.

The fact that I am blatantly invited just so I can fill up a seat since others backed out.

The fact that I know for a fact the couple has cheated on each other before or is cheating on each other. There is no reason to celebrate as there is no more sacredness in that union.

The fact that I have to RSVP super early and then something more important usually crops up later on.

Okay I am just ranting.

The fact is, I am more willing to go for a wake than a wedding.

No, I don’t think it’s great that somebody died, unless I guess it removes the deceased’s pain and finally allows them peace.

It is sad. I feel for the kin. It’s tragic even.

All the more reason I’d go to extend my support and condolences, however much comfort it can actually provide.

Of course I wish that I don’t have to attend another wake of a loved one close to me, but in this normal life where I accept several, undeniable truths of life?

Weddings are a no-go for me.

It’s an ironic truth in life, that something or someone becomes more meaningful when they’re gone altogether.

Weddings today, in my opinion don’t advocate that meaningfulness anymore.

People are cheating.

Parents who are screwed up in the head don’t love their kids.

Couples today take the chance to leave as soon as they can instead of trying to fix it. Hence, divorce is extremely real. People are becoming statistics.

And the wedding is nothing but a big fucking party to show the fuck off to people, and not to celebrate love.

That’s the next ironic truth that most people today don’t seem to want to acknowledge, that marriage aren’t guaranteed happy endings anymore. Heck, it’s not even an ending.

Death is.

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